What is Process Street?

What is Process Street?

Process Street is software that allows you to document and manage checklists and procedures. With this digital tool, you can document a process once and run through it as often as you need to with a checklist. This is a useful tool for online service-based business owners, such as virtual assistants.

Some of the features of Process Street include:

  • Templates

  • Write out your instructions once and use that to run a checklist.

  • Drag and drop editing

  • Easily drag and drop fields where you want them to go. Quickly rearrange templates.

  • Task assignment

  • Assign task responsibilities to specific people.

  • Conditional logic

  • Assign "if this then that" logic. For example, if a proposal is not opened within 3 days, resend.

  • Approvals

  • Assign approval stages and responsible people.

  • Integrations with other apps

For example, check out this short video training on how to use Zapier to populate data from a Process Street checklist to Google Sheets.

Think of something you do monthly in your business, like bookkeeping tasks. What are the steps that you take to perform this task? Does it usually involve the same procedure, such as assigning expenses in your bookkeeping software, attaching receipts to expenses, reviewing profits, etc? Do you have this documented somewhere? Say, for example, you decide to hire someone to take this over for you. What steps would they need to follow in order to get the same results as you? That's where documenting procedures can become useful. Doing so can lay the foundation for your standard operating procedures in your business.

What Are Standard Operating Procedures

Plainly stated, standard operating procedures (SOPs) refer to the processes involved in managing your business. For example, bookkeeping (as was mentioned above), marketing processes, sales processes, hiring processes. All of those things require steps to be taken in order to achieve an outcome. As your business grows, you may eventually decide to hire additional support. Having your SOPs in place can make the transition easier for yourself and your new team members.


Is the idea of writing out a process less than your cup of mint tea? It's OK! The really nice thing about Process Street is that they have provided a variety of templates to build off of. Here are just a few.

General Standard Operating Procedure Template

Standard Operating Procedure Template for Creating a Newsletter

Standard Operating Procedure Template for eCommerce Product Listings

You can view them immediately by clicking the links above. However, in order to edit them and run checklists, you’ll need to create a Process Street account. It’s free, no credit card required to sign up and you’ll even have access to the standard plan for 14 days. After 14 days, you can downgrade to the free plan or upgrade to one of the other available options. Create your free account here, come back to this post and click the links above and add them to your template library! Or, if none of these work for you, you can access Process Street's library of more than 800 templates for a variety of business needs including sales, marketing, customer success and so much more.

Access the template library here and search for a template for your industry of business:

Process Street Template Library

Would you like to see a demo of how Process Street works? Check out this video.

Process Street is just one of the many tools that can help your business to keep moving forward. What's even better is that you can get started with a free trial of the Standard plan. After that, you can choose to downgrade to the free plan, which offers 5 templates and 5 checklists, or you can upgrade to a paid Basic, Standard, or Enterprise plan.

Start Your Free Trial

Process Street makes the not-so-fun aspect of business a little easier with easy-to-compose templates and checklists that can be run ethereally. Try it out today to get your business in its best shape!


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