What Are The Benefits Of Canva Pro?

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what are the benefits of Canva Pro? Is Canva Pro even worth it?

Canva has become one of the go-to tools for creators. Even if you don’t have a creative business, you could still benefit from Canva. With this digital tool, you can create all of the graphics you need for your social media, online courses, blog, website, and more. I’m all about saving time and making the daily business tasks a little easier and Canva has contributed greatly to that effort. You can do a lot with a free Canva account. However, Canva Pro opens the door to even more design features. Plus, it's got bonuses that will make you feel like you're getting several tools in one.

The Benefits Of Canva Pro

  • The Brand Kit. You can add your logo, brand colors, and brand fonts into the brand kit. Once you do, your fonts and colors will appear as the first options under your font choices and color palettes. Also, you can upload fonts and logos that you purchase from places like Creative Market.

  • Quick Resize. In less than 10 seconds (I counted) you can resize your designs. Imagine this: you sell a digital product and you want to offer it in various sizes. Without having to remake the whole thing over again, you can create additional size options in minutes.

  • Templates. Over 400,000 templates to get you started on your next lead magnet.

  • Stock photos, videos, graphics, and audio. If you’re on the Canva Pro plan you get access to all of this, included in your plan price of $12.95/month.

  • Save your own designs as templates. Create a design once and use it repeatedly in your own accounts as a template. Or you can also use this feature to sell Canva templates of your designs.

  • 100 GB of storage. Upload your fonts, pre-purchased graphics from other places, everything you need for your designs.

  • Social media scheduling with the content planner Share your social media graphics directly from Canva to places like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Plan your posts with the content planner. Want to reschedule a post? Easily drag and drop it between days.

Time saved on the tedious tasks means more time to focus on growing your business. And you know the saying, 'time is...'

By using apps like Canva for business, you are outsourcing for a lower cost, which can be very helpful for solopreneurs and small businesses. That's why I decided to make the investment and I don't ever see myself looking back!

If you need more insight into the difference between Canva Pro and a free Canva account, contact me and I'd be happy to help you! Use the contact form here to send me your questions and I'll give you my honest insight.

Happy creating!


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