Using ClickUp For Social Media Planning

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ClickUp. That word is just fun to say in itself! However, this is more than just a pleasant-sounding name. This is the app that will keep your business organized from a-z. In this post, let's focus on how you can use ClickUp to plan your social media content.

One of the great features of ClickUp are the premade templates. These are great starters, especially if you are not yet familiar with the platform and everything that can be done with it.

After you create a free ClickUp account here:

Try the free forever plan with ClickUp

Then head back here and we're going to test out one of those templates.

First, we'll rename the preloaded Space that's in your Workspace.

Here's an overview of the ClickUp hierarchy so you can have a clear understanding of those terms and others that will be mentioned hereafter.

Within Spaces you can have various task views. They are:

  • List

  • Board

  • Calendar

  • Map

  • Activity

  • Gantt

  • Mind Map

  • Table

  • Timeline

  • Workload

You can also have page views such as:

  • Chat

  • Doc

  • Embed

  • Form

Let's rename this space Social Media Planning as an example. Watch the 18-second video below to see how to do this.

By the way, this screen recording is created, edited, and hosted using Screencast-O-Matic. For $19.80 for a whole year, you can have the video editing tools that you need to add more video content to your blog posts.

Then, we're going to head over to the template library. You'll recognize if a template is a space or folder by the icons on the templates.

We are looking for a folder template called Social Media Posts.

Watch this video to see how to import a template.

This template is super cool! In the first view, you'll see two lists. One list view is grouped together by status.

Statuses indicate the step a task is on. So in List 2 in the List view, you can see the statuses Review, In Progress, and Open.

You can rename statuses and change their colors. Watch how to do that below.

In the second list view, the items are grouped by the custom field, channels.

Custom Fields can be compared to labels that let you customize almost everything in ClickUp.

You can see a view of the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. This view is based on custom fields that are grouped together.

In the Board View, you can see a whole other group of statuses.

These can also be edited and even moved to create a better workflow. See how to do that here.

Next, you'll see the Calendar View which has been renamed "Schedule". You can rename this to something that works for you if you plan to keep this view.

The next tab is a really cool feature of ClickUp. With embed, you can bring certain social media channels into ClickUp so you can see your content live, without leaving ClickUp. This is a preview of what an embed will look like. This is ClickUp's own Twitter feed.

A few things that you can embed include:

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Vimeo

  • LinkedIn

  • Flickr

(At this time you can not embed into ClickUp from Pinterest.)

For a quick how-to on how to embed, check out this post:

Embed View

This is just one of the ways that you can use ClickUp to keep your business tasks organized. There's so much that you can do with this app, even on the free plan! If you're ready to try this out for yourself, create your free account, and have fun!

Editing The Template

If you're ready to try out this template, you can follow the steps above to import it into your free forever ClickUp account. Then you can edit the template to fit your needs.

See how to edit it here.

It's time for you to try ClickUp yourself!

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