Three Ways To Improve Your Business Operations

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Improve Your Business Operations

Are there areas that you need to address in your business operations? Operations refer to the mechanics that move the machine that is your business along. Imagine a vehicle that's low on clean oil. It can't function ethereally without ever having an oil change. The way your business operates can have an impact on you, your clients, and your team. The good news is, just like a fresh oil change will contribute to the overall longevity of your vehicle, the "maintenance" work you do in your business will keep things running in optimal condition.

Here are three ways to improve your business operations.


Communication is one of the first things I outline when I start working with a client. I'm not going to act like I've never initiated an email chain. You know, the kind that should have Re:Re:Re:Re in the subject line. However, there are more manageable methods. Having the right communication tools in place can:

  • Make communication smoother

  • Minimize the loss of key information in an email chain or text message

  • Enable the ability to search conversations for important information

I love Slack for communicating with clients and team members. If you work one-on-one with a client, you can use the channels feature to organize conversations by topic. If you work with a team, you can use this same feature to organize conversations by project or department. You can also have private conversations with team members or (even with yourself).

Check out an example of how I set up channels in Slack when I work with a client to incorporate it into their business systems.

Task and Project Management

Pen and paper are reliable and usually accessible. You don't have to dig around for a password, then dig around in your bookmarks to find the link to an app to jot something down. You don't have to find your phone, unlock it and then type tiny letters one by one. For daily personal tasks having a pen and paper to-do list is fine. But when it comes to your business, using a digital task and project management tool is so much better. Even if you work solo. Why? Having your tasks and projects in digital tool means:

  • There is less chance that they will get lost or be destroyed.

  • You will be able to search for them

  • It will make it easier to collaborate on tasks and projects with other individuals. Can you imagine having to scan all of your handwritten to-do lists and then having someone else try to make sense of them in order to complete a project?

  • You can create templates from tasks and projects that you often repeat.

  • You will be able to document the steps you took to complete a task or project. Then these steps can be followed repeatedly.

  • You will more easily be able to review the steps you took to complete a project and refine the process as needed.

One of my new favorite tools for task and project management is ClickUp. I used to use another tool for years and trained clients on using it as well. I recently switched to ClickUp and am enjoying all of the customizable features of this tool.

Folder Management

Having all of your files uploaded into one big wide-open space in your cloud is definitely better than having them in a space in your file cabinet. However, what if instead of having to digitally search for a file for several minutes, you could easily find it because you put it into a folder and named that folder something that makes sense? Whether you work with a team or work solo, having a clearly defined folder management system is important because:

  • You will save time

  • Team members will easily be able to find the files that they need

  • It will improve your standard operating procedures

If you need a little assistance with setting up a folder management system, check out the video below. This is a walk-through example of the same format that I have used in my own business and with clients. I use Google Drive for my file storage needs. It's cloud-based, with a clean interface. If you'd like to sign up for Google Workspace, (the deluxe suite of the Google apps) you can use my contact form to request a 10% off discount code for your first year of the starter or standard plan.

Your methods of communicating, tracking your tasks and projects, and managing your files are all core aspects of your business. It’s not the fun stuff, but without them, things can get a little hectic. Take time to optimize your business to get it in its best shape!


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