Three Helpful Slack App Integrations For Virtual Assistants

Solopreneurs can use the free Slack app to save time

Slack can offer so much more than just being a platform to send messages. That's why I suggest it even for solopreneurs. Not only can you talk to yourself (ahem, I mean, save notes) but you can integrate apps that will save you time. Here are some of my favorite apps to connect to Slack.


Connect your Gmail account to your Slack Workspace so you can forward particular emails to a select channel. Then you can set reminders for each email so you'll get a notification from the Slackbot when it's time to take action on the email. Here's an example of how it will work.

Google Calendar

Connect your Google calendar so you can schedule events and get event notifications within Slack. Watch how to do it below


Connect your Zoom account so you can start meetings with a simple /slash command. Here's how it works.

Take advantage of these tools that can streamline your processes and allow you to minimize switching between multiple apps!


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