Team Communication Best Practices For Online Business Owners

Good Communication Practices for Business Teams

Building a team can be an exciting phase in the growth of your business. However, it can also reveal sides of your personality that you didn’t think would be a thing. After all, you’ve been a one-woman shop for all these years and you’ve been very successful. Learning to communicate with a new team member shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Just in case though, here are a few tips on initiating good communication practices as your build your team.

Team Communication Best Practices

Just as I mentioned in the blog post about initiating good communication practices with a new client you need to follow a similar formula when you hire and work with a new team member.

  • Establish which platforms you will use for communicating. Try to have your daily platform and a backup for emergencies. For example, Slack for daily communicating and email if an emergency arises.

  • Let your team member know when you’re available to communicate and in which time zone. Request the same information from them. Then store this information in a place that’s easily accessible for you both, such as your task management tool.

  • Schedule at least a weekly check-in to make sure you both stay on the same page. It may even be helpful to increase the frequency of these meetings initially until you both learn each other’s work styles.

Keep an "open-door" policy, being willing to hear new ideas. The team member you hire is most likely an experienced professional as well and can offer a fresh perspective.

Hiring the right person in the first place can really make the communication process smoother. How do you know when you’ve landed the right team member to support your business? I’ve provided a helpful checklist for you below. This was created based on my own experience as I have been on the “hired” side and the “hiring” side.

One of my favorite places to source skilled team members is Upwork. This is a great platform, especially for long-term roles. You can also hire on a project basis. Another platform is Fiverr. Fiverr has become increasingly popular for finding assistance for projects like web development, explainer videos, graphic design, and more.

Build your team on a sturdy foundation by initiating good communication practices from the beginning. Then implement these practices as you continue to grow. Make good communication practices a part of your business culture. This can also help you to retain valuable team members.

If you need more insight into how to hone in on the person for your team, feel free to reach out here with your questions, I'm happy to offer insight.


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