Online Course Creation With Canva

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Online Course Creation with Canva

Recently online courses have become ever more popular. With the circumstances that have occurred in the past year, more people are looking to acquire new skills or create additional income sources through online courses. Planning the launch of a new course is a lot of work! Visuals are just as important as content in an online course.

I talk about Canva a lot because it has really taken the sweat out of designing for me. From color palettes to fonts to all the beautiful templates for almost everything, it makes designing so much easier!

Presentation Templates

One of the features of Canva is the ability to present and record, then download that recorded presentation as an mp4 video. It can then be uploaded to your course platform. Alternatively, you can share a link to the video so that students can watch it directly in Canva.

The thing that’s even better is that Canva offers a variety of presentation templates to get you started. Check out this one that I edited to include my own images and branding colors. This was only a small section of the presentation template as there were 20 template pages in total.

However, let’s say that none of the templates in Canva really strike your fancy. You can even buy presentation templates for Canva from Creative Market and use them in the same way. Here are a few beautiful templates I saw at the market.

The templates below offer a whole bundle for your course creation and social media needs.

And there are so many more options at Creative Market.


There are very few workbook templates in Canva and the few available are just workbook covers. You can definitely create your own workbooks. However, you can also buy workbook templates to get you started. Once again, you can find really nice options in Creative Market, that you can edit in Canva.

The neat thing about these workbooks is that you can access the original that is shared with you after purchase and make that template. Then make a copy and delete pages, move them around, do whatever you need to to make the workbook fit your course materials. Let me show you a few options below.

Creating a course is an exciting endeavor! It also is a lot of work. Thankfully, other fellow business owners have made this task easier by equipping us with tools to lighten the load a bit.

By outsourcing as much as possible, for an economical cost, you can focus on the key aspect of the course-that valuable content, the gold that you’re so eager to share with your audience.

Happy Teaching!


Do you have Canva yet? If not, you can sign up here for a free month of Canva Pro to test it out!

30 Days of Canva Pro

After 30 days, you can choose a paid subscription to Pro for $12.99/month or downgrade to the free version, which is free forever!

If you need a tip on the difference between Canva Pro and the free version, you can check out this post How Canva Pro Can Save Your Time


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