Identifying Your Strong Skills As A Virtual Assistant

Identifying Your Strong Skills As a Virtual Assistant

The title "virtual assistant" has become very broad in meaning. When I first became a virtual assistant over 8 years ago, that title was specific to a remote administrative assistant. Now it can mean a virtual social media assistant, a virtual blog assistant, a virtual bookkeeping assistant, a virtual operations assistant, and many other spectrums on the VA color wheel. There are many of us who are multi-talented and can perform several roles with efficiency. However, there may be skills that we excel in but perhaps aren't given the opportunity to really let them shine. Maybe we have a secret "passion skill", but are afraid that if we show it to others, they may not think it's that great. Have you ever felt that way? It's not uncommon. So how can you hone in on your strongest skills and use them as assets to benefit yourself and your clients?

Identify Them In Writing (Or Typing)

There is something about writing that solidifies things in our brains. It makes things come alive. So if you haven't done so already, take time one day to brain dump all of the things you do as a virtual assistant on a daily basis. Use a piece of paper, a notebook, a spreadsheet, your task management tool-whatever.

Look For A Common Thread

Then, look at those tasks and determine which you enjoy the most. Now, think about why you like performing those tasks. Do you notice anything that they have in common? For example, I really enjoy creating processes, writing out templates, and establishing systems. When I identified this, I came to understand that my brain is operations geared. Thus, I was able to focus my services on this aspect of business and find clients who needed this sort of support. So take time to analyze what you like doing and why.

Determine If You Produce Quality Results With Those Skills

Once you've identified the tasks you enjoy the most, you need to honestly assess if you also perform well in these areas. Have you gotten positive feedback from clients when you perform these tasks? Has your contribution through these things been an asset to yourself or those whom you serve? If so, then this is another key indicator of your strong skills.

Learn To Say No

If you're trying to grow your virtual assisting business, there is the tendency to want to say yes to every client and every task. You have to make an income, isn't that why you're doing this? I know, I've been there. Once upon a time, I said yes to every client that came along. I had my hands in every bag of chips so to speak and was stuffing all the different flavors in my mouth at once. Yes, it was profitable, but it was also exhausting. When I identified my strengths and learned how to say no, I started enjoying my role even more.

Grab This Worksheet That Will Help You To Identify Your Ideal Client

When you identify your strong skills, you will empower yourself. You will better understand how to identify your target client because you will be able to offer your more specialized services to clients who need just what you have. You will thus, be able to build the business that you want. And yes, even if you are a solopreneur working from your desk in the corner of your bedroom, you can still present yourself as a capable, confident professional. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.

Keep Learning

However, if you find that you really enjoy supporting a certain area of business, but are not the best at it, that doesn't mean all hope is lost. It may just mean that you need to work at improving your skills.

There are many free or low-cost ways for you to receive training. For example, is there a particular business app that you really enjoy using and would like to become an expert in? You may find that by visiting the home website of the app and looking in the footer, they many offer webinars or other training sessions that you can watch. Some well-known companies such as Hubspot have their own virtual academies where they offer free training on a variety of subjects. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn for free! Incorporate these times for ongoing learning as a regular part of your routine. You and your clients will benefit. Plus, the more that you refine the skills you both enjoy and are good at, the more it will boost your confidence in your abilities.

As a virtual assistant, you have an amazing opportunity to design the type of business that you truly desire. You have the choice to decide how to work, what to work on, and whom to work with. Don't miss this opportunity. You have amazing skills to offer that can be valuable additions to other business owners. Hone in on those skills and make them shine.

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