How to Fix Broken Systems in Your Online Business

Let's be real-talking about business systems, processes and standard operating procedures aren't everyone's favorite topic. In fact, for some business owners, it's their least favorite part of running a business. Maybe even equal to going to the dentist-you try to avoid it all costs.

Some people prefer skipping the details of having systems in place and jumping into the action, the collaborating, the interfacing with clients. That's where the fun is!

But then in time, some not-so-fun stuff starts happening... Important things start slipping through the cracks. Key dates might get missed. Team members get hired and have no point A to start from so miscommunication occurs, work is slowed down and clients may even suffer. It's not a pretty vista.

So how can online business owners create simple systems that will help their business operate like a well-oiled machine?

Here are 3 steps you can take today.

Identify One Big, Aching, Pain Point in Your Business

I say one because if you start trying to identify all of them at once, it can easily get overwhelming.

So think about one area of your business that might be slowing down progress, making you lose money, or making you lose time. What is it?

Perhaps it's something as simple, yet painstaking as managing your files. Or perhaps it's more complex like making sure you're following up with leads and setting up discovery calls.

What is that one thing every day that tiny voice in the back of your mind keeps reminding you to fix, because yesterday, you said you would work on it, tomorrow?

This is where you need to start. If it's the biggest, most painful broken system in your business, then it deserves the most of your immediate attention.

As a result of addressing it, you will gain one or all of the following:

  • Time

  • Money

  • Growth

  • Clarity

All of which will aid in the success of your business.

Define the Problems the Broken System Is Causing

Now that you've identified the pain point, you need to define all of the problems it's causing.

This may sting a little. But this not only helps you to identify problems but can motivate you to want to solve them quickly.

Is the lack of organizing causing you to spend multiple minutes looking for files that you have to use every day?

Is your reputation being ruined because it's taking you weeks to follow up with a lead?

Identify the pain point and be honest with yourself about the way it's affecting your business. But then, go a step further and imagine how different things could be if you could smooth out this system.

Target the Pain Point

Once you've had a moment to imagine the transformation, it's time to take action to target the pain point.

You need to find the right solution that will work for your business. This may involve one or all of the following:

  • Researching how others have dealt with similar issues

  • Talking to a consultant or specialist who can give you advice

  • Outsourcing the work of fixing the problem to an expert

What you decide will be dependent upon your own abilities, time, and budget. But the goal should be to do something.

Broken systems in your business can inhibit growth, and honestly just be frustrating for you, your team, and your clients. The time lost by not fixing it will be a lot more wasteful than the time you could take to sit down, analyze, address it and eliminate it. Think days or weeks vs. years.

You Can Smooth Out Your Business Systems

Broken systems and processes in your business can be fixed. It may require some extra effort, but it is worth it.

By taking the time to fix these issues, you will see an increase in productivity and a decrease in wasted time and money.

It’s up to you to decide what needs fixing first- start with the areas that are causing you the most trouble and work your way down. You can do this!