Adding Clickable Links to Digital Planner Page Tabs Using Canva

Adding Clickable links in Canva

Are you looking for a way to add clickable links that hyperlink to pages in your digital planner in Canva?

By adding clickable links, you can link digital planner tabs to pages, elements to pages, or text to pages, right within Canva.

Learn how to do so in a few easy steps. By adding links to your tabs from Canva, you'll save time in having to download your design and then reupload it into PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.

Once you've created your planner tabs and positioned them, follow these easy steps.

You can watch the video or follow the steps below.

1. Name all of your pages

This step will be helpful as you start adding your clinks.

2. Select a tab and click the hyperlink feature

Click on one of the tabs you created, then click the hyperlink feature

3. Select the page you want to link the tab to

Select the page that you want to hyperlink the tab to. This is when naming your pages comes into use!

4. Add the clickable links to all of your pages

Add the links to all of your pages until you're done. Once you're finished, download the planner as a "pdf print" and open it with a pdf reader.

Make sure to test all of the tabs to make sure you've linked them to the right pages.

Hyperlinking Pages in Canva is Easy

As you can see, hyperlinking pages in Canva is easy. In a few additional steps, you can save time as you create digital planners.

Have you tried adding clickable links to your planner tabs in Canva? If not, it’s an easy process that can save you time as you design your digital planners. In just a few minutes, you can add links to each of your planner tabs so that clicking on them will take users right to the section of the digital planner that they want to navigate to.

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