The strategic session that will set up your HoneyBook account to smooth out your client relationship management processes like garlic butter spread on warm bread. 

You're a Very busy Woman who wants to focus on doing what you're best at:
generating clients. Dialoguing with Clients. Servicing Clients. 

Because you're so client centric, you've started to realize there are rifts in your Client relationship management processes. 

You know something needs to be done, but you don't have the time to sit down long enough to get your hands dirty with all the nitty-gritty details of finding and setting up a CRM. 


You Need A


A session designed to help you simplify Your client relationship management within days.

Go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling calm and confident with a bird's eye view of your leads, clients, and projects. 

Imagine working with someone who can assess your needs, create a strategic plan and implement a simple software solution for you
  • No need to spend hours watching tutorials and Googling blog posts about HoneyBook 

  • Work with someone who already understands the ins and outs of HoneyBook, but also comes from the angle of being operations-minded 

  • Get support that works for your specific business 


What You'll Gain

Takeaway One


  • Work with an experienced Online Business Operations Specialist who can analyze and define your needs 

  • Get a day that is strategically planned to improve a key area of your business 

  • End your session with a clear plan of action to integrate your CRM into your business processes 


Takeaway Two


  • Maximize your productivity with a simple system

  • Go from lead to client with less back and forth 

  • Keep track of client information, project details, communication, and files in one place

Takeaway Three 


  • Automatically send proposals and contracts 

  • Set up automatic billing so clients can be reminded to pay on time 

  • Set lead and client processes on auto pilot


Takeaway Four


  • Convert a lead to a client in less time using HoneyBook's digital brochure features 

  • Stop spending multiple minutes trying to find emails and files 

  • Minimize the time clients will need to check in with you to "find that file" or "get an update"

Takeaway Five

Appealing Visuals

  • File elements customized to fit your brand  

  • Marketing tools that will project a cohesive experience 

  • Access to the file element templates in Canva so you can edit as desired  

Untitled design (10).png

"Will this even work for me and my type of business?"

Who Is This For?

Online Service Businesses

The HoneyBook VIP Day is best suited for female-owned online service-based businesses who are ready to implement new apps and processes. 

  • Coaches 

  • Consultants 

  • Graphic Designers 

  • Online Business Managers 

  • Operations Managers 

  • Social Media Assistants 

  • Social Media Managers 

  • Virtual assistants 

  • Web Designers 

  • Etc


Your Investment

You'll be getting...
  • Planning and strategizing focused on your business 

  • A strategy call and documented plan of action​​

  • Beautifully branded files, and access to the branding element templates in Canva 

  • A day of customized focus on our business 

  • A final review call​

  • A recorded video walkthrough of your account ​

  • 14 days of post-service email support

Your Investment:


Ready to sign up?

Next Steps


What happens next:


Discovery Call. Let's have a call to discuss your needs and detail to make sure we're the right fit because I'd hate to waste your time. 


Onboarding. You'll get to experience my own HoneyBook workflows in action as you go through a short onboarding process, including signing an agreement and making a payment. 


Homework. You'll have some homework items to submit are absolutely essential for our strategy call. 

Let's Connect

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